A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the order total is payable at the time of placing the order. Whilst

Bow Belles Bridal Boutique are sympathetic when an event is cancelled, any money paid cannot be refunded as the goods are ordered specifically for the customer and therefore the supplier will require payment.

Special Order gowns, i.e. rush orders, special lengths, amendments to designers gown will require PAYMENT IN FULL even if the event is cancelled as they have been specifically ordered for the customer and therefore cannot be offered up to sale.

The balance is payable IN FULL within 5 working days of the dress being delivered to Bow Belles Bridal Boutique. Failure to settle the account within the specified time will result in a charge of 2.5% of the remaining balance per week added to the invoice total.

In the event of the wedding being postponed/cancelled the gown will need to be paid for in full and collected from Bow Belles Bridal Boutique by the customer as our storage space is limited and we cannot hold gowns indefinitely.

The cost of the gown DOES NOT include alterations

The cost of the gown includes delivery to the registered premises in the timescale stated. Rush orders are possible for certain designers but will incur a surcharge, payable by the customer.

All payments must be cleared by our bank (HSBC) prior to the collection of goods.

Customers are measured and the gown ordered as close a fit as possible to avoid unnecessary alterations charges. Please ask for clarification on how a gown is sized if you are in any doubt.

If a customer wishes to order a gown smaller than the size advised by Bow Belles they will need to sign a disclaimer taking full responsibility for the fit of the gown once delivered.

All gowns remain the property of Bow Belles Bridal Boutique until paid for in full.

At the point of paying the balance of the gown the contract with Bow Belles Bridal to supply the gown is complete and Bow Belles Bridal cannot accept responsibility for any fault or problems with the gown once it has been removed from the premises.


The designer, original price and condition of a gown will be reflected in the sale price of a gown. Therefore sale items are SOLD AS SEEN and non-refundable.

Sale items are payable in full at the time of purchase.

Unfortunately due to limited storage space, we are unable to store sale items.

Cleaning costs, alteration costs or any other charges are the responsibility of the purchaser.

Any defect in the gown (pulls in the fabric etc) will be pointed out to the customer. It is therefore advisable to check over the gown. Bow Belles Bridal will not be held responsible for any defects brought to our attention once the gown has been collected.


As Bow Belles Bridal Boutique carry sample gowns in sizes 10 and over we are often able to sell a gown “off the peg” to brides who are very tight on order time. They do not differ in any way, shape or form to any other wedding gown and are no less inferior than a gown ordered specifically for a bride.

All gowns will have been tried on under our supervision.

The condition of the gown will dictate the price charged for it. If a gown is current season, has recently come into the store and tried on a minimum number of times, or even not at all, then the full cost is payable.

Repair work and spot cleaning (if required) will be carried out on an off the peg gown, unlike sale gowns which are sold as seen.

Off the peg gowns are payable in FULL at the time of purchase.

Even though an off the peg gown has not been ordered specifically for a bride, any monies paid are still non refundable in the event of a cancellation as the gown will have been removed from sale for the customer, thus incurring storage charges, plus potential revenue from lost sales.


Any defect in the gown (pulls in the fabric etc) will be pointed out to the customer and recorded on the customer order form. It is therefore advisable to check over the gown carefully as you will be required to sign to accept the defects stated. Bow Belles Bridal will not be held responsible for any defects brought to our attention once the gown has been collected.